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TitleArtistAlbumSpotify ID
Teenage LobotomyThe RamonesRocket To Russia
Horror HotelThe Misfits12 Hits From Hell
Active EnemyBrian CaseTense Nature
Cold CitySpizzWhere's Captain Kirk?66PKUfvVf0luzIW95YICZp
Do The HipThe SparklesLux And Ivy's Favorites Vol. 150wMizt47fB4KZ2KLQXMoUL
Everything's AlrightButch Willis & The RocksConquering The Ice4L5YsUvUR031nxWsANKgu0
Oh Come OnThe Julie RuinRun Fast0t9IMCiSKAZY4GAJ8ySxWg
Hit ManThe WeirdosDestroy All Music5bQVv4bbDJDn0dl2hIItPo
UntouchablesGen XKiss Me Deadly0LSXLznhy5NWnwxV0TNAXo
Approve Of The GrooveThe Mad DaddyWavy Gravy!: Atom Smashin' Zoomeratin' Mello Jello Radio Broadcasts, 1958-640k3otqZzQxHVfC0nFUnGOF
She Creatures Of The Hollywood HillsThe StoogesOpen Up & Bleed19V2AeeKA94lh6XgIPepU4
Out Of SightEdith CrashFrenzy54BdR9lyPErXkcHNJnyZWN
Tiknass (Sunbone)Mdou MoctarIbitlan
Touch And GoMagazineReal Life2pDvxZPDYVYSDZnKg9eFjA
When Will Death ComeSarah Mary ChadwickDaddy Please0KTUUxob0cMRVRQDKcxUmg
Emotional RepAlien NosejobSuddenly Everything Is Twice As Loud52Hgx3BWioR1cx7T6lucgl
The Legend Of XanaduDave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & TichIf No-One Sang 34DYp1pEg6ebDJkChzvxjOi
Dead SoulsJoy DivisionFrance '79 (Eindhoven Maybe?)1cjzx1lSvXO42zLAZq1zzP
Ganroku Hanami OdoriTakeshi Terauchi And The BunnysNippon Guitars
Clean KillCorikyCoriky
Goin' BlindDinosaur Jr.Kiss My Ass: Classic Kiss Regrooved
The Legend Of XanaduThe FallA World Bewitched5cvbsuNQTo1hgPuF0llwsf
Liveline CallThe ScreamerThe Screamer
Araby (Alt Version)The Gun ClubMother Juno (2008 Reissue)1E8tu5BXPFsZMuGRNq4OTl
ApacheThe ShadowsThe Shadows Are Go!4Y8WD0bbvBlSpC7nZ9DSzC
Iron ManBlack SabbathParanoid3IOQZRcEkplCXg6LofKqE9
Demon Tied To A Chair In My BrainDax RiggsWe Sing Of Only Blood Or Love2XktTTkgFNflea7Au7f0Y9
BonanzaThanh NamRoady Music From Vietnam
The ProphetThe Make-UpUntouchable Sound—Live6kwdcjBTLmSBmGmzhW4Vb2
Night Colour SongPrimitive MotionElemental Dreaming 7"
CastawaysDead MoonEchoes Of The Past0kJWtwM6sQIujSgL75TwR2
FailureThe ProsaicsAghast Agape EP
Sitting In The ParkQuix*O*TicMortal Mirror
Do You RememberThe HorrorsPrimary Colours67g7MMpGZ2Bgy0Arvto87G
Already Turned Out Burned Out (Fast Burn)Kim SalmonMy Script
GaslightAlex CameronMiami Memory0Hys5cLWsaovoSbOX9KATf

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